I’m a legal designer
I support decision makers of small and medium enterprises in their negotiating strategies with domestic and international issues. I am a lawyer who combines the highest protection of my clients’ interests with the highest protection of their business relationships.

I am the right person for those who face a complex environment every day and are looking for a lawyer who is an ally to navigate this complexity. In all cases where it is necessary, or even more convenient, to preserve relationships, non-litigation conflict management is my specialty.

My intervention is particularly effective in certain circumstances:

  • when it is necessary to rebalance the balance of power;
  • when it comes to a matter with an international influences or needs;
  • when a fast pace and promptness are essential;
  • when being right can kill your business;
  • when you have to close a contract;
  • when the contract you signed isn’t what you expect it to be;
  • when you have to recover a debt while maintaining a relationship;
  • when reputation and image are important.




– Legal Design –


The Invisible Lawyer* Legal Design© is my method for legal advice.
It uses a strategic and multidisciplinary approach that combines legal expertise with other skills and abilities which puts the interest of the client first. Through active listening and analysis of the situation and interests involved, we design practical, efficient and legally valid solutions. Constant collaboration with the client creates the necessary trust to proceed towards the objectives we have set ourselves. Unlike the traditional approach, with my method the client is led through the legal issues while remaining “at the helm of the issue”. It is a method of simplification, without trivializing, which creates value and generates learning to the user.
It is useful to design and implement new ideas or to innovate the business, but also to solve or prevent disputes to overcome problems.



I have worked with several European and non-European countries such as:

International Mediator For the Chamber of Commerce of Milan

Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Mediation)

Mediator for the Florence International Mediation Chamber

Mediator appointed by the International Chamber of Commerce of Paris

IMI Certified Mediator

Member of the International Bar Association – Mediation Committee


I have trained hundreds of people, in Italy and abroad in mediation, negotiation and conflict management. I am regularly invited to give speeches and conferences. My program “Music and Mediation” is an absolute novelty in the international panorama of training.


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